Raised Under Sol

I think everyone reading this will know who Superman he is. He basically defined the genre of superhero, as well as the basic power set (strength, speed, flight, the ability to make a tiny version of yourself do all the work etc).

Less known (though still fairly well featured) is that his power derives from the light of the Yellow Sun, around which the Earth orbits (Krypton orbits a Red Sun).

Now, despite the fact that he’s supposed to be a genius (he had the entire Kryptonian database downloaded into his brain – think all of wikipedia, but for 37 galaxies instead of 1 planet, and only editted by people who definitely knew what they were talking about), he solves most of his problems by punching them in the face.

For most superheroes, that’s also the go-to first option, but when it doesn’t work for them, they try something else; whereas Superman just keeps punching harder and harder until that works.

The problem with this, is that some of Superman’s problems are other Kryptonians, and shouldn’t they have the same powers as him?

As evidenced by the fact that he can punch General Zod’s face until it stops facing, apparently not. So whats the difference here? Is it Superman’s genious-level intellect telling him exactly where to hit to do the most damage? Maybe, but a big difference between the two is that Kal-El grew up under the Yellow Sun, while other Kryptonians merely operate there.

Think of it as a battery, charged by sunlight. Adult Kryptonians go straight to 100% fully charged, which is why as soon as they’re exposed to Vitaman-Yellow they get the full power set (minus miniature versions of themselves).
Clark on the other hand, came to Earth as a toddler, meaning that at the time his battery could only go to, say, 25% (hence the reason he couldn’t fly immediately). As he matured, so did his capacity to store power, and by the time he was a full adult he was at, maybe, 150% of the standard Kryptonian power levels.

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